ADHD Statistics

ADHD presents a plethora of difficulties in children that can feel like you’re wrangling kittens to get under control.
But it’s not about “controlling” the situation. Learning and understanding about what ADHD consists of and how we can helps those working through it.
We’ve been working on how to help my son work through his ADHD for over a year now. Getting the diagnosis was a start, and we know success won’t happen overnight.
But just hang in there and keep on keeping on. Check out this article by Merck Manuals for more information:


I’ve spent a year staring, pondering, and finally making the decision to give these sisters an alternate ending that may help others in their situation. So I did it! I changed the ending, adjusted some segments here and there, conned my illustrator to give it a glow up cover, and got an ACTUAL editor to go through and edit it right!
And here it is. New and improved. Ready and waiting to be read. If you liked it before…you’ll love it now.
PLUS….it’s now available in hardcover. My hardcover copy arrived yesterday and I’m stoked how it looks!