I’m not going to lie…I spent a ton of time on Canva creating SO many things for my books as well as personal items such as invitations. Like, A LOT of time.

For ten years now, I’ve done this daily activity with my kids called “High of the Day” in which we each take a turn and share one high of our day. Even if you had a bad day and maybe that high was the fact that you woke up. This forced each of us to look at our day and see something good out of it on both good or bad days. I’ve carried this over to our now family of four (cheers to my boyfriend Matt for gladly participating), and when I’m visiting my family down in SoCal.

Now, this where Canva comes into play. I decided to take the High of the Day concept and turn it into a live journal for others to complete. The journal includes over 180 days of documenting Highs of the Day, along with “Task” days in which the user will complete tasks such as writing their high of the day as a poem, or draw it out as a comic sketch.

But I didn’t just stop at the High of the Day. I decided to create four other blank lined journals as well. Each journal holds 200 pages for free range ideas and creativity to flourish.

Give them a check out! All are available on Amazon now. You can check them out on my website by clicking here

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