The end of an era...parent edition

First day of Kindergarten
Last day of High School

The first day of school felt like it was yesterday. In actuality, it was around 2400 school days ago. 


Thirteen years of class, projects, presentation, assemblies, tests, assessments, playgrounds, friends, moves, new schools, more new schools, and memories. Oh, the memories.  

As parents we train ourselves to be happy in the moment for our children. Happy they got through it all. Happy they are starting a new chapter while closing another. Happy to watch them walk and happy to celebrate it all with them. 

But how often to we talk about our transition? The transition from one less. One less inter district transfer to fill out. One less set of school clothes and supplies. One less seat filled during drop off. One less everything.

To some it’s a moment of glory. “I made it. I got one all the way through. Cheers to me!” If that’s your mind set then kudos to you. I’m very happy for you. Half of the time I’m there too.

But I know some parents must feel a void. A now needed retrain of the brain to get use to the one less. Because one day, there won’t be one at all, and although time moves at a constant rate, I’m guessing it will feel more sped up once my son is done in three years. Three years until I experience another last drop off. Boy, that doesn’t seem like enough time. 

So that’s my new countdown. Three years. Then the transition to empty nesting. 

To all the parents celebrating graduates…congratulations! You did it. You got one through. Now go relax and have a beer before your transition begins.  

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2021. You made it through one hell of a year and should be very proud of yourselves.