I wish you Happiness

by Michael Wong

The illustrations are breath taking. The story, simply adorable. Michael Wong hit the nail on the head creating this wonderfully magical book about everything we wish for our littles in life. I can see this book becoming a baby shower favorite, just like Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the Places You’ll Go” is for graduates. The soft colors and inviting images will bond families and pull children in every night to read this wonderful book and absorb its beauty. Plus, there is an added bonus at the end of the book in which parents and children can identify various dogs throughout the book. Beautiful, pleasant, and engaging. You can’t go wrong with this book!

A Tighty-whitie Wind

by Izzy B

OK, this book is hilarious. I found myself giggling the entire time! This story is about a farmer’s underoos who get whisked away from the clotheline becauae of a strong breeze. Not nothing new, right?The story takes a hilarious turn when various animals on the farm discover these tighty-whities and utilize them in different ways (udder warmer for the cow, parachute for the rooster). Izzy B’s creativity in bringing a comical “down on the farm” story to life will make you giggle your heart out reading it to your littles, or even if you sit and read it to yourself. 

Too Cute to Spook 

by Diana Aleksandrova

What a cute little twist on what we think monsters are or should be like. The illustrations really bring this super adorable story to life with colorful and imaginative characters. My teenager read it as well and thought it was a super cute book. Children will adore Lorry and (on some level) relate! This book will make a great addition to your Halloween bookshelf!

A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze

by Carla Mae Jansen

This book is a fun way to learn about geology and how certain rock formations come about. The images were comical and the story us fun. This will be a great addition to to any classroom or child’s shelf to help kids learn about this earth. Plus, it has dinosaurs! You can never go wrong with a book about dinosaurs… in my biased opinion. 🙂 

Rosalee the Seeker: A Sensory Processing Disorder Story

by Nicole Filippone

As a parent of a child with high level ADHD, working through tactile and auditory sensitivities, this book was very relatable to our life. It was a refreshing read, validating experiences we’ve had when my son “didn’t mean to do,” but his condition couldn’t help itself. Rosalee the Seeker will be a true beacon for parents finding solace and validation that they are not alone in the world of SPD. Children will enjoy the illustrations and relate to Rosalee on a refined level. An emotional club of readers will form because of this beautifully written story about a girl, who loves her family, and represents SPD in a positive light.

Gloomy Baboony It’s Okay to Feel Sad

by Lizzie Simpson

I backed this book on Kickstarter because I found the topic interesting and the illustrations adorable. When I received my package and read the book, my expectations were blown away. With such simplicity, this book by far shows young readers that it’s OK to have moments when you’re feeling sad…even if you don’t know why. This book takes a beautiful turn for the supporting cast as they learn to just be there for someone when they are sad instead of trying to “solve” their problem. I can see this book in counseling clinics, schools, and doctors clinics. I can even see this book resonating with adolescents, and I plan to show it to my kids high school wellness center!

Pilot Ray- The Tale of a Snail:  A Rhyming Adventure Book for Kids About Resilience

by Dr. Jana Broecker

What a great tale about not giving up on your dreams and doing whatever possible to make them happen. The rhymes were adorable and the illustrations were divine. I also love the added element of appreciating your siblings and letting you know you love them. Way to go Ray!

Lani Rae’s Marvelous Hair

by Yesenia Rodriguez

This book’s message is beyond beautiful in every way possible. This plot twist was something I was not prepared for, and low key had be crying tears of joy.  What a wonderful story about a girl who uses her kindness powers to make a difference in the life of another.  An important book and topics for readers of all ages. This beautiful story is also available in Spanish!

A Million Years From Home

by Dr. Jana Broecker

Full transparency…I ugly cried when I read this book. The level of emotion I felt reading this beautifully rhymed story was astronomical. Having worked as a Foster Care Social Worker, I know too well the emotions children and families experience trying to find the love and permanency they so deeply desire and deserve. This story hit the nail on the head relaying the message that family isn’t always connected by blood, and sometimes it isn’t found right away. Adopted families will read this book and cry. Children will read this book and keep hope alive. This book would be such a wonderful addition for foster agencies, social service departments, and adoption agencies. The illustrations brought this story to life with such magnitude with it’s beautiful colors and characters. Highly recommend!

The dinosaur tail on the cover had me from the get go! The story however, kept that excitement and momentum going. This book is a super creative way to help children face fears and overcome obstacles. Would I love to have pie with dinosaurs? You betcha! Will your kid (and you) enjoy the heck out of reading this book? You double betcha! As a debut book, Katie absolutely nailed it between the magnificent illustrations and magnetic story.