Super Max and the Math Menace 

A book about finding the super in you to overcome anxiety.

It was a regular school day for the students of Room 23, until the math menace arrived disguised as a surprise test ready to ruin the day! Anxiety grips Max’s friends and chaos ensues because they feel unprepared to pass this test. But, Max has a little secret up her sleeve…she’s super! Super Max must help her friends overcome their test anxiety and take down the math menace one problem at a time. Will she make it in time to save the day and help her friends pass the math test?

“Okay class, it’s time. Put your books on the floor.”
Ms. Spice said while walking to shut the room door.
Max then felt her heart beating hard in her chest.
“Today…” said Ms. Spice, “you’re all taking a test.”

Nearly 40% of children struggle with test anxiety. It’s this anxiety that prevents them from performing their best and can have longer affects of behavior, self esteem, and avoidance of school. Experiencing test anxiety as a child was difficult, but watching my daughter experience these symptoms influenced me to write Super Max and the Math Menace. Super Max helps children realize their true inner power to dig deep and pull the super in themselves out to conquer fear over test anxiety. Super Max will take children and parents on an adventure of super hero discovery and the ability to help others overcome fears.

“Relax?” Kenya shouted from back in the class.
“Just how can we do that Super Hero Max?”
“It’s easy”, she said. “Just think back to practice.”
“Let’s take a deep breath… we’ve totally got this!”

"What a positive message to send kids about overcoming pressure and worry. This book is an inspiration to children that have trouble finding courage in overwhelming moments. Max put on her mask and mustered up bravery to overcome her fears. A great book for children to read right now that are needing to wear masks!" ♡
Tina MarieYoung

Dino Deegan and the Unpleasant Class 

A wonderfully rhymed book about true friendship and its ability to take down bullying one act of kindness at a time.

Days at school are tough for Dino Deegan. Being included at recess is his dream, but his claws are so big that they get in the way. On top of that…Dino Deegan is made fun of for them.

“Your claws are too sharp to join in our games,”
they said as they pointed and called Deegan names.
“You’re creepy and odd,” they yelled, and they jeered,
and poor Deegan thought, “This is just what I feared.”

But wait! There’s a new kid in class. She introduces herself to Deegan as Cass. Friendship sparks fly as they become immediate friends, but the classroom bullies have a different plan in mind and try to deter Cass from being Dino Deegan’s friend.

What will Cass do?
Will she follow the bullies and stop being Dino Deegan’s friend? Or will she stand up for her new friend and help the bullies see the error in their ways? Join Dino Deegan and Cass on a transformative adventure, written in magically rhymed verse, with diverse characters and astounding illustrations. This book was created to help children understand that true friendship is key and taking down bullies one act of kindness is possible.

"This is probably one of the best books we read in the last couple of months. And I’m not just saying that because of the main character being a dinosaur, the kids being very diverse, the rhymes flowing beautifully, or the illustrations being magnificent. What we loved most in fact was how the main character and the other kids in the book underwent a significant personal development that was visualised in the book through art (Spoiler: The dino starts out as being grey = mainly invisible to others, and turned colourful towards the end = having found a true friend and recognition for who he is). Overall, a great read that I’ll recommend to my sons’ preschool and school, respectively."
Dr. Jana Broecker
Scientist & Author

Super Max’s Hero Surprise

A heartwarming story about a military child separated from a loved one by deployment, and the love between them that holds no distance

Deployment (definition): Any movement from a military personnel’s home station to somewhere outside the continental U.S. and its territories (source: Dept. of Veterans Affairs).

Since 2001, more than 2 million children have experienced a parent deployed at least once. Military families relocate ten times more than civilian families. This averages to a move every two to three years. 37% of children with a deployed parent reported that they seriously worry about what could happen to their deployed caretaker. Children in military families experience high rates of mental health, trauma, and related problems.

One day, during a class assembly, Max gets some strong “Super Max” vibes. A special visitor has arrived at the school, and all eyes are now staring at Max. Why is everyone looking at her, and who is the special visitor to the assembly?

She saw a face that mirrored hers, with eyes so full of mist.
A beaming loving grin and daisies clutched inside his fist.
She recognized the uniform with black and brown and green,
and on his chest, her last name sewn, could easily be seen.
Max rubbed her eyes to clear them-she could not believe the sight.
Convinced her eyes were tricking her, she rubbed with all her might.
But then she looked again and saw the image was quite real,
and promptly, Max excitedly let out the loudest squeal.

Is this special visitor a brother? Cousin? Uncle? Father? Join Max as she discovers who this surprise visitor is, and why they are setting off her “Super Max” vibes.

Written in rhyme, Super Max’s Hero Surprise will take readers on an emotional journey as it captures the strength of family ties, the emotions of living through deployment separation, and the joyous feeling of re-connection.

"I got a little teary eyed reading this and thinking how hard it would be to have a love one deployed and how hard it must have been for my family when our family members were deployed. I love this author/illustrator combo and the inclusive characters and beautiful graphics. Another great book for the kids library!"
Casey Lewis
Engineer and Mother

Gilly Ghost Loves Scaring the Most

A magically illustrated rhyme book about learning boundaries through friendship

Scaring Trick-O-Treaters is a skill Gilly has mastered. He even scares his friends when it’s not Halloween, and sometimes that makes them sad.

One day, Gilly’s scaring becomes too much for Maddy Mummy, Wanda Witch, Skel’ton Steve, Franky Stein, and Zombie Zane, and they decided to confront him.

Then suddenly, they all appeared and marched in his direction.

They looked upset, “But why?” he thought. There was a disconnection.

Gilly then got nervous as he squeaked a feeble “boo.”

Then Skel’ton Steve exclaimed, “We have a bone to pick with you!”

What happens next? Will this confrontation between friends leave Gilly a spooky wreck? Will he realize the errors in his ways and do better? Or will he ignore his friends plea and keep scaring like the ghoul he is?

Gilly Ghost Loves Scaring the Most teaches children the concept of boundaries, and how it’s important to establish and understand them. This book will be a wonderful addition to households and classrooms who are learning boundaries between friends and family.

Sometimes scaring is OK…and sometimes it’s not. Will Gilly learn the importance of boundaries with his friends? Get your copy to find out!

Super Max’s Ultimate Try

Being the new kid has challenges. Can Max handle the pressure of being the newest member on the team in a sport she’s never played?

Max wants to play the sport of Rugby, but fear grips her when she suddenly feels she’ll struggle to pick up the skills needed to do well.

But knots filled her stomach, and Max felt uneasy.
“Dad, what if I’m clumsy?” Max felt very queasy.
“I might drop the ball or may mess up a tackle.
Will everyone point at me, holler, and cackle?”

Will she be able to tackle, scrum, and kick as good as the other kids on the team? Will Max’s coach, teammates, and family’s support be enough to help her reach her full potential and succeed at this new and unfamiliar sport?

Then when Game Day arrived—Max began to prepare.
As she stared in the mirror, Mom braided her hair.
But her heart began pounding; her nerves were intense.
All the pressure of winning felt truly immense.
“You can do this,” Max softly proclaimed to herself.
She then grabbed her red cape and her mask from the shelf.
Quickly tying her cape, and then tucking it in,
she was ready to channel her strength from within.

Or will her fears get the best of her, causing Max to give up? Written in rhyme, this book will teach children the power of digging deep and finding the super in you to overcome fears and doubts.