Kickstarter success!

Thank you to everyone who jumped on my campaign and pledged this project. On day 30, our goal reached 106% funded! YAY! I’m so excited to get all the goodies made and ordered for this book so it can get in the hands of children, parents, and teachers.

Thank you!


Join me January 20, 2020 for the launch of the Super Max and the Math Menace Kickstarter! Here is a preview in case you would like to swoop on over and check it out

Coming Soon! Super Max and the Math Menace

My first Children’s Rhyme book is in illustration which I am super excited about!. Keep an eye out for Super Max and the Math Menace coming your way in the next few months! The subject of this book covers Test Anxiety, which mentally cripples children (and some adults like me) every day. The students of Room 23 are presented with a pop quiz and aren’t sure they will conquer it. Max jumps in and helps save the day by reminding her classmates that they can overcome this math menace and be victorious.

When Maddy was in second grade, she struggled with test anxiety which prompted me to write this little rhyme. My hope for this book is to bring awareness to this subject and essentially help children and schools devise plans to help calm students before tests and assessments.

Have no fear, Super Max is here!

Officially Live!!!

The concept of Group began in 2015 on the Metrolink. For you non Southern Californians, that the commuter train of SoCal. So, there I was enjoying the commute but wanted to fill my time better. Cue Group. It was the perfect time to utilize writing…so I did. I wrote every day and six weeks letter I has a ridiculously rough draft LOL. No joke, it was brutal. After a few years I decided to get busy with getting the book published, so I reached out to a developmental editor (those folks are miracle workers btw) and got the story strengthened. No idea what the heck I was doing after that, I little by little put pieces together until my book was a finished (and well edited) final product. I hope you enjoy reading it!