Gilly Ghost Loves Scaring the Most (Paperback)


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A magically illustrated rhyme book about learning boundaries through friendship

Scaring Trick-O-Treaters is a skill Gilly has mastered. He even scares his friends when it’s not Halloween, and sometimes that makes them sad.

One day, Gilly’s scaring becomes too much for Maddy Mummy, Wanda Witch, Skel’ton Steve, Franky Stein, and Zombie Zane, and they decided to confront him.

Then suddenly, they all appeared and marched in his direction.

They looked upset, “But why?” he thought. There was a disconnection.

Gilly then got nervous as he squeaked a feeble “boo.”

Then Skel’ton Steve exclaimed, “We have a bone to pick with you!”

What happens next? Will this confrontation between friends leave Gilly a spooky wreck? Will he realize the errors in his ways and do better? Or will he ignore his friends plea and keep scaring like the ghoul he is?

Gilly Ghost Loves Scaring the Most teaches children the concept of boundaries, and how it’s important to establish and understand them. This book will be a wonderful addition to households and classrooms who are learning boundaries between friends and family.

Sometimes scaring is OK…and sometimes it’s not. Will Gilly learn the importance of boundaries with his friends? Get your copy to find out!

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