Super Max’s Hero Surprise (Softcover)


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In the second installment of the Super Max series, Max attends a school assembly and cheers for her friend’s receiving awards. Suddenly, Max gets some strong “Super Max” vibes. A special visitors’ arrival has been announced and all eyes are now staring at her.

Who is this special visitor? 

Max’s dad is currently deployed and is not due back for a few months, but can this visitor be him? Join Max as she discovers who this surprise visitor is, and why they are setting off her “Super Max” vibes.

“Then pulling out her mask, she took the deepest breath of air.

And as she quickly tied the mask, to summon Super Max,

an unexpected image halted Max right in her tracks.”

Written in rhyme with captivating illustrations, Super Max’s Hero Surprise will take readers on an emotional journey as it captures the strength of family ties, the emotions of living through deployment separation, and the joyous feeling of re-connection.

What readers think:

“Super cute book, well-written. I would definitely stock my classroom with this book if I had any students with military parents. The illustrations and text are formatted in an aesthetically pleasing way. Even if a child didn’t have a military parent, I feel like they could still learn about inner strength from this book.” Lexi V.

“I got a little teary-eyed reading this and thinking how hard it would be to have a loved one deployed and how hard it must have been for my family when our family members were deployed.  We love this author/illustrator combo and the inclusive characters and beautiful graphics. Another great book for the kid’s library!” Casey L.

A very wonderful, well-written and rhymed story. The reunion between Max and her Dad is touching and sweet. A-dorable illustrations too 😊 Vivian C.

A young girl ties a superhero mask on her face, then has surprised eyes when she see someone she does not expect.


Included: Resources for military families experiencing or preparing for deployment.

Product Size: 8.5″ by 8.5″

Ages: 5 to 11, grades K to 5

Purchase includes Softcover book, Super Max mask, bookmark.

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