Super Max's Hero Surprise (Coming May 2021)

Super Max’s Hero Surprise is the second book in the Super Max Series. In the first installment, Super Max and the Math Menace, we are introduced to Max, a delightfully supportive friend who helps her classmates dig deep, find the super in them, and overcome test anxiety.

In this newest installment, we get a glimpse of Max’s family life. She is a military kid with a parent currently on deployment…or so she thought. This story takes place while Max is attending a school assembly and,  to her knowledge, her father is deployed. Max starts to get “Super Max” vibes when during the assembly all eyes begin looking her way.

Concerned whether there’s an issue, Max pulls out her mask and begins tying it on when she catches a glimpse of someone special…her dad! Surprised and overjoyed, Max springs from her seat and races to her dad, and two have a magical moment of re-connection.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

She saw a face that mirrored hers, with eyes so full of mist.

A beaming loving grin and daisies clutched inside his fist.

She recognized the uniform with black and brown and green,

and on his chest, her last name sewn, could easily be seen.

Max rubbed her eyes to clear them—she could not believe the sight.

Convinced her eyes were tricking her, she rubbed with all her might.

But then she looked again and saw the image was quite real,

and promptly, Max excitedly let out the loudest squeal.

One gift of this story is that you’re given a clue as to how Max became Super Max (hint…it has to do with the masks’ origin). 


Gilly Ghost Loves Scaring The Most (Coming Fall 2021)

Gilly is a ghost, and scaring people is his jam. He enjoys scaring his friends too, but sometimes Gilly isn’t aware that his friends don’t want to be scared all the time. This book is about learning boundaries and picking up on social cues for when certain behavior is OK, and when it’s not OK. 

Super Max's Ultimate Try (Coming Early 2022)

Max will be back for book three in the Super Max series, and she’s learning teamwork through the game of rugby. For those that don’t know, a “try” is when a player scores. 

Max is the teams newest player, and has never played rugby before. Katie, one of the established players, pairs up with Max and helps her dig deep, pull out the super in her, and gain the confidence to learn and play this new and unfamiliar sport. This book is about stepping up to learn something new, and using your village of support to get you there. 

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