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Heather E. Robyn, Ed.D
Heather E. Robyn, Ed.D

I was born and raised in Southern California. If you’re wondering…yes, I say “dude” and “like” a lot, I map driving directions based on travel time rather than distance, I will never pass up having In-N-Out, and I drive a Jeep. I’m pretty Californian for the most part.

As an avid learner, I earned my Doctorate degree in Education and spent several years in Social Work helping foster youth and homeless veterans. I enjoy traveling with my family and exploring new activities. Raised a Chicago sports fan, I frequent baseball and hockey games when my teams are in town and I also try to catch some rugby when I can. My hair color changes frequently, but my love for the Chicago style pizza doesn’t (my dad is from Chicago if you’re still wondering about the Chicago interests). I thrive on knowing the most random of facts and utilize them to make small talk when I can.

I currently live in the Bay Area with my amazing teenage children, my fabulous boyfriend Matt, and our cuddle beast Husky, Echo.

Meet the Author

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