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Super Max and the Math Menace Coloring Pages Ms. Spice Max and Mom Classmates Super Max Super You! Class 23 Heros All Sheets Ms. Spice Ms Spice Max and Mom Mum and Super Max Classmates Room 23 Super Max Super Max Super You! Superfan  Class 23 Heros Superheros  All Sheets SM Coloring Pages (All) All …

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Meet the Author

Heather E. Robyn, Ed.D
Heather E. Robyn, Ed.D

I was born and raised in Southern California. If you’re wondering…yes, I say “dude” and “like” a lot, I map driving directions based on travel time rather than distance, I will never pass up having In-N-Out, and I drive a Jeep. I’m pretty Californian for the most part.

As an avid learner, I earned my Doctorate degree in Education and spent several years in Social Work helping foster youth and homeless veterans. I enjoy traveling with my family and exploring new activities. Raised a Chicago sports fan, I frequent baseball and hockey games when my teams are in town and I also try to catch some rugby when I can. My hair color changes frequently, but my love for the Chicago style pizza doesn’t (my dad is from Chicago if you’re still wondering about the Chicago interests). I thrive on knowing the most random of facts and utilize them to make small talk when I can.

I currently live in the Bay Area with my amazing teenage children, my fabulous boyfriend Matt, and our cuddle beast Husky, Echo.

Meet the Author

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