Are you an awesome human who loves doing awesome things for others? Great! With the launch of Super Max’s Hero Surprise around the corner, I want to officially announce that I am officially recruiting for launch team members.

What does a launch team do? Let me break it down for you.

  1. You agree to leave an honest review on Amazon in exchange for a free e-book.
  2. I will send regular email communication informing you of the upcoming launch date, and what will be needed on your end to help make this launch successful! These emails will include Amazon links to the book for you to download.
  3. “But I don’t have a Kindle”. That’s not a problem. Can can download the kindle app on your phone and get the book that way. It’s a win win!

So if this all sounds good to you and you’re interested in helping give Max a launch day boost, then please fill out the google form¬†Here


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