The cover for Super Max’s Ultimate Try has arrived and I am loving it! 

What exactly do I love about it? Thank you for asking. I love:

  1. The Girl Power this cover radiates. 
  2. The way we are displaying a variety of different body types in this new book. 
  3. The new amputee player in this story to show children with amputees that they can accomplish anything. 
  4. The mere fact that rugby is on full display for children and families to read about and learn. 

Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports for women, with more than 2.7 million girls and women playing worldwide. As an athlete growing up, I was unaware this sport even existed. It wasn’t until I was 24 that my ex husband (boyfriend at the time) took me to one of his rugby games and I was blown away. Did I find the rules and play tactic weird at first? Yes. Did I fall in love with the sport? Also yes. Would I have played rugby if I knew about it as a child? ABSOLUTELY! If you’re reading this blog and are curious about how the sport of rugby is played, check out Beginner’s Guide to Rugby from the World Rugby website. 

I understand the importance of exposing a child to sports at a young age, having started my sports journey at age seven. It creates an environment self confidence and children learn social skills through teamwork. Can a child also get through non sport play? Sure! 

If you’re interested in checking out more about the benefits of early exposure to sports, check out this  article from Parents Magazine: Teach Your Child to Love a Sport

Max takes on learning this new sport called rugby, but is unsure whether she will have the skills needed to be successful at the game. Max’s teammates assure sure she will pick up the skills, but will their support be enough? Will Max successfully pick up the sport of rugby and make it her passion? A story about teamwork, learning new skills, and the power of practice, this book will be a wonderful addition for any family with a child learning sports, or for a rugby coach working with new players. 

The third book in the Super Max series, Super Max’s Ultimate Try is set to launch February 2022. Are you excited? I AM!!

What are your thoughts on the new cover? 

Cover Image of Super Max's Ultimate Try. Image includes five female children dressed in rugby uniforms, standing in a V formation.