As Echo and I watch the rain play a game of tippety tap with the outside world, I’m reminded of my love of the sound of rain. Being wet in it? No. Having to do anything IN it? Also no. 
I remember as a child, in the house on Seville, anytime it rained I would grab an umbrella and stand in the middle of the yard and stare out into the street as rain danced on my umbrella. We had a large tree in our front yard so I’d get a bass drop of water on a regular cadence as the tree diverted drops my way. 
And even as an adult the tapping sound of rain sounds amazing on an umbrella, so an umbrella is what a grabbed and gave myself a few childhood moments of quiet as I stood in rain like I did as a kid, in the house on Seville.
Is there something you enjoy about the rain. Let me know!