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The Thing I Do

by Lisa Caprelli

Based on Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do Amazon TV Show and Song, this whimsical children’s picture book full of witty animal puns, subtle rhyming book, and vibrantly warm hand-drawn illustrations, The Thing I Do shines a spotlight on a new and unique mythical character to the series — Trezekke the Zebracorn!

Trezekke is just like any other zebra, except that he has a blue-ish silver horn on the top of his head. The Thing I Do, the reader joins Trezekke and many other magical friends. Boldly and bravely, he volunteers in front of his classmates and shares his thoughts about the thing that he likes to do best, but there is a catch. Rather than telling us his favorite activity flat out, which may seem obvious to the reader, Trezekke drops clues and hints to help you and all his furry classmates to correctly guess his favorite thing to do. Do you think you can figure out what Trezekke’s favorite thing to do is before the clues run out?

Being Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends

by Lisa Caprelli

Be happy with this Unicorn Jazz series picture book, a happiness books for kids of all ages includes BEE HAPPY with animal friends, showing imaginative and creative ideas on what being happy means to inspire kindness, joy and love.

Children’s unicorn book series and loving happiness book! Award-winning Unicorn Jazz Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends brings animal friends together in this heartfelt book filled with ways to be happy with colorful hand-drawn, kid-like art!

Unicorn Jazz and animal friends in this happiness books for kids include a bee named BEE HAPPY, octopus, gorilla, cat, ocean friends, and Woof the Crow, all showing imaginative and creative ideas on what being happy can mean.

Kai the Missionary Sea Turtle

by Natalia Sepulveda

bilingual (English-Spanish) Christian children’s book to teach children about missions from the perspective of Kai the missionary sea turtle. A book inspired by real life missionaries to inspire children to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone they know.

Children will enjoy reading this story over and over, while playing the jellyfish hide and seek game, learning the colorsgeographyanimal and instrument names in both English and Spanish.

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Cutie Sue Gets a Dog

by Kate Melton

Cutie Sue decides that she wants a dog as everybody around has one. Yet, her parents are not sure that Sue is ready to take on the responsibility of having a pet. Will Sue manage to be a good dog owner and a real friend?

Cutie Sue adopts a little Labrador puppy, as she wants to have a pet as all the others do. But soon the excitement begins to wear off… Will the doggie get the attention and care she needs?

Entonces llego’ Oliver (Spanish Edition)

by Kelle Lima

Lilly knows what it’s like to be new in school. So she decides to invite the new kid to play… But jealousy grew inside of her like a balloon being filled up with air. And, as if it couldn’t get any worse, her cat also went missing! Did she just lose her best friend and her pet at the same time?

Teaching social skills like empathy and friendship are essential for your child’s development. Emotional learning is one of the hardest subjects for parents. This book intends to help your kid understand and handle things like jealousy or learn about sharing.

Mighty Mila 

by Katie Petruzziello

Mila may be a kid, but she can act pretty grown up…at least that’s what she thinks. The trouble is, Mila’s parents still treat her like she’s little, so she’s decided to prove once and for all that she can do things “all on her own!” But when it turns out that being a big kid isn’t as easy as she thought, will Mila admit defeat, or will she find a way to prove just how big and mighty she really is?

Oliver and the Wishing Star

by Jennifer Decker


In this unforgettable story, Oliver thinks dogs have the good life until one evening when he sees a falling star, makes a wish to become a dog…and that wish magically comes true…”

The Adventures of Mr. Macaw

by Leticia Ordaz

They’ve received a special gift. But when they take it out to play, they’re in for a big surprise!

Maxton and Bronx love their trips to Mexico. And the siblings can barely contain their excitement when they’re given their Abuelito’s magical kite, Mr. Macaw. But when they take him out to fly in an approaching storm, the boys are alarmed when the mischievous toy dances away in the wind!

Excited to be off on a grand adventure, Mr. Macaw can’t wait to check in on his beloved townspeople and their village. And every time someone tries to catch his dangling string, he cheekily swoops just out of reach on a blast of the breeze!

Will the boys and Mr. Macaw ever be reunited?

Mr. Macaw’s Paleta Adventure

by Leticia Ordaz

They’ve received the family’s old kite. But when brothers Maxton and Bronx take it out to play, they’re in for a big surprise!

Mr. Macaw’s Paleta Adventure is a spellbinding celebration of Latino culture. Featuring English and Spanish on every page, for easy language comprehension for Early Readers. It whips up the fun of bilingual education from the very beginning, building their vocabulary and fostering a positive view of lovable Latinx characters.

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Chicken Fat 

by Scott Drayer

A fun sing-a-long exercise book for kids! Ages 2-8. Based on the famous ” Chicken Fat” song from the 1960’s, commissioned by JFK.

Free kindle books

Luna’s Do-Something Day: A Trip to the Moon

by Elizabeth Jurado

Pig hoots! Outside is so boring!

Luna wants nothing more than to spend a day watching her tv shows, but Abuelita won’t have it. Luna must spend her day outside doing something. Pig hoots! What is there to do outside? With imagination, the possibilities are endless. Luna and her crew of two are on a mission to find Imagination. Is it somewhere on Saturn’s rings or in the craters of the moon? Hopefully it’s nowhere near the sun! Where could it be? Pigtails! It isn’t easy finding Imagination!

Image of the book cover of Super Max's Hero Surprise

Super Max’s Hero Surprise 

by Dr. Heather E. Robyn

Max has a loved one currently on a military deployment. Or so she thought. 

During a class assembly, Max gets some strong “Super Max” vibes. A special visitor has arrived at the school, and all eyes are now staring at her. Why is everyone looking at her, and who is the special visitor to the assembly? Who is this special visitor? 

Join Max as she discovers who this surprise visitor is, and why they are setting off her “Super Max” vibes.

If you’re interested in a physical copy of this book, check out my shop here.

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Omar, el jaguar

by Andrea Olatunji

Omar is a lonely jaguar that wants to make friends. He encounters other animals that invite him to play but he refuses because these don’t look like him. Later, however, he changes his mind as he realizes that they have more in common than he thought and that being different can be an advantage after all.

Lani Rae’s Marvelous Hair

by Yesenia Rodriguez

Lani Rae is a little girl with many interests and lots of hair. When she learns that her best friend needs help, she searches for a way to make things better. Find out how she discovers the power behind friendship and kindness.

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Silly Willy Apple Cake

by Amelia Griggs

Bella loves to be silly. She laughs as she balances an apple on her arm, and asks ‘What can we make? What can we make?” Mama says “an apple cake”! So home they go, to mix and bake, and soon they are eating apple cake!

The phrase “silly willy” is a play on words and introduces the idea of fun activities using rhyming words. This children’s series is designed to foster love within families by promoting fun activities with parent and child. It also introduces rhyming to children. Rhyming helps children with memory and promotes learning. Reciting rhyming is also an excellent bonding activity for parents and children, or in a group setting with children.

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Bucky the Sweet-Toothed Beaver

by Papa Moose

What happens when a curious critter finds a pile of candy?

Bucky the beaver was perfectly happy working at his construction job and eating his bark and grass. But that was before a crate marked “CANDY” rolled up to his door.

Now it’s up to Bucky and his best friend Bert to kick his sugar habit before the rainy season begins. A story full of warmth, adventure and humor that anyone with a sweet tooth can relate to, Bucky the Sweet-Toothed Beaver is a tale about friendship and self-control with a sweet, sticky center.

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Bonding with Friends: H2O and Helium

by Kim Donnelly

This rhyming STEM picture book has two stories in one! Perfect way to make science fun for preschool through elementary school kids at home or in the classroom!

“Bonding with Friends: H2O & Helium” has one story about the water molecule and another story about helium and noble gases.

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Cousins Forever

by Elisavet Arkolaki

When one of the two families moves abroad, the two cousins do not let the distance come between them. They talk often about their friends, animals, different seasons, and outdoor activities, via video chat. With new words and languages being part of their everyday life, the two girls come up with a fun, painting game, the “Word Swap”. 

A lovely tribute to the unique friendship of cousins. Parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents can share this book with little ones who are just beginning the lifelong journey as cousins together. Close friends are family also, so if you don’t have an extended family, your child’s best friend may also be referred to as a cousin.

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A Curious Boy Named Jeff

by Kay B

Jeff is a very successful person. He runs his own company called Amazon. Amazon helps people buy and sell anything using the computer and internet. So, how did Jeff become successful? What is one value that has helped him? BEING CURIOUS!

Jeff likes to read, ask questions and observe the world around him. He discovers new things every day and every day he works to help makes peoples’ lives easier. We always teach children about remarkable people of the past. But what about those in the present? What can children learn from them? Little Kids’ Big Lessons series focuses on successful, inspirational people of today, and highlights a key value that has helped each one of them achieve their success.