The Great Edit Called Life

Life is like a grand novel. You probably won’t fully realize whether you enjoyed it or not until the conclusion. But like that novels’ journey before it landed in your hands, you’ve experienced a plethora of edits to get where you are today.
The edits of life are part of the process. Some chapters ideally sound great, but don’t pan out on paper. Last minute plot twists are added, character development can be a bitch, the chapter you thought sounded glorious ended up needing a re-write…but re-writes are OK. I’ll repeat that for the folks in the back…REWRITES ARE OK. Nobody has a clean first draft. They’re all messy as hell BUT they’re a great measure of the progress to look back and see how far you’ve come.
At times you’ll feel like you’ve lost your mojo, then you’ll get it back, then lose it again. You’ll have moments when you want to quit because what you have now isn’t close to what you started with. These may be followed by moments when your words sound like pure silk. And vice versa.
Your story won’t always go as planned. But if I can share one piece of advice it’s this…don’t be afraid to edit. Don’t be afraid to want to edit, start to edit, and be elbow deep in the mess of an edit. And if you want to scratch it and start a new story, then that’s fine too!
Your story may not end how you expect it will, but it damn well might have had the edits you needed to get there.
You are the author of your life. Write wherever it takes you….or you take it

The struggle (with anxiety) is real with our kids

The first week of online learning presented some interesting challenges. Although tech is not something new in life, learning through it can have struggles. Connection issues, delayed responses, and links not working can trigger some level of anxiety in our students which can essentially put them in a mental block to learn.
Truth be told…I had a few meltdowns as well.
I found this quote fitting to remind us how we can remind our children to reach down inside and know they are awesome and can overcome their anxiety. What they’re experiencing is tough, but we can help them get through it.
The Hey Sigmund site offers some great articles on children, anxiety, and struggles. Please visit them at Hey Sigmund

School Anxiety and the New School Year

The new school year is fast approaching. Given how the 19-20 school year ended, anxiety levels in children may be heightened heading into this unknown school year. Will is go smoothly? Will we abruptly have to stop and school from home again? As parents we stress. Can you imagine what a child goes through? Check out this article by Katie Hurley, LCSW on how to help an anxious child with the back to school transition.

Dino Deegan Cover Reveal!!

It’s here! Dino Deegan and the Unpleasant CLass is set for release Fall 2020, so I want to share with you all this adorable cover design from the fabulous Zoe Mellors. I can’t wait for this book to come out. Follow Dino Deegan and Cass in this Paleolithic journey of friendship, inclusion, and taking down bullies one kind act at a time.

Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to reveal the new cover design for Group. Zoe Mellors did an amazing job creating this cover and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you all. I am looking at a re-launch time of Fall 2020 for this book and I hope you enjoy the new version.

The Juarez twins were inseparable until Jade’s untimely death at the age of seventeen. Catapulted into a new and unfamiliar world, group sessions became Jade’s key to progressing. But one issue stands in her way…remembering facts surrounding her death. Her journey to unravel these details meets her head on with revelations about herself she cannot fathom.

Having been left alone without her sister and best friend, Pearl spirals into an abyss of crushing grief and depression. Reluctant to attend a support group session, she meets a stranger who turns her world upside down and ignites a love she has never felt before in another man. But she wonders if it is enough for her to heal? Can the bond between two sisters survive the throes of death, grief, love, and everything in between?

Group is going on sabbatical

The Juarez twins are officially on sabbatical. Why? Because I decided to give the ending a rewrite and alternate ending. They’ll be back in a bit with a fresh new cover, larger book size, and a hardcover option! If you purchased a copy of Group in the past, don’t worry because when Jade and Pearl return I will have some free kindle download days for you to get a copy and check out what is new!

Kickstarter success!

Thank you to everyone who jumped on my campaign and pledged this project. On day 30, our goal reached 106% funded! YAY! I’m so excited to get all the goodies made and ordered for this book so it can get in the hands of children, parents, and teachers.

Thank you!


Join me January 20, 2020 for the launch of the Super Max and the Math Menace Kickstarter! Here is a preview in case you would like to swoop on over and check it out