Journaling is a wonderful way to help collect thoughts and get into a positive mindset. This collection of blank and activity-based and blank journals will help get your creative juices flowing. 

Activity-Based Journal

High of the Day Journal

It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on the negative moments of your day. This journal will help flip the script and focus on at least one thing that was a “high” of your day.

Along with documenting your high, this journal includes “Task” days. You can complete activities related to your high of the day such as drawing your high as a comic book and creating a haiku about your high of the day.

Filled with over 180 days of highs, this journal will surely help you see yourself, and your day in a positive light.
This is a great journal for kids, teens, and adults that are looking to improve mindset, and increase a positive outlook.

Image of the High of the Day Journal

Blank Journals

How Fancy is this Journal Supposed to Look?: A blank journal to gather your thoughts and inspirations.

Flowers? No. Pretty horses? No. Something else that’s super whimsical looking? No. Who needs a fancy journal to capture your thoughts when you’ve got this awesome, super unfancy and straightforward looking journal here?

This may look like your ordinary blank journal, but in reality, it’s your key to creative thought, personal transformation, and overall inspirational creation.

This journal consists of 200 blank lined sheets just waiting for you to give them life.

Image of the How Fancy is this journal supposed to look journal

Blank Journal: A creative space to gather thoughts and inspirations

Color ignites inspiration, and this journal is nothing shy of colorful.  Ready to jump start your creativity, inspirational thinking, and overall thought collection? Then look no further than this awesome journal right here. 

Complete with 200 blank lined sheets, this journal will help you open your mind and express your thoughts.

Image of a journal cover with the title This is a Journal.

Insert Inspirational Quote Here: a blank journal for creating your own inspirational thoughts

Journals always include some super witty inspirational quote…but not this journal. This journal will leave that up to you!

Welcome to your portal to jump starting your creativity thinking and put you on the path of quotation greatness. With 200 blank lined sheets, this journal will help you open your mind and express your thoughts and is ready for your scribbling.

Image of insert inspirational quote journal

My Thought Collector: A blank journal to hold your thoughts

Who doesn’t enjoy collecting their thoughts in those (few) moments of the day when you actually don’t have anything going on? This is the perfect journal to capture those thoughts, and who knows, maybe they’ll turn into the next great story, move or documentary. Just saying.

Complete with 200 blank lined sheets, this journal will help you open your mind and express your thoughts. So don’t hold back, and get it down on paper.

Image of My Thought Collector journal
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