Super Max’s Ultimate Try (Paperback)


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Being the new kid can have its challenges. Can Max handle the pressure of being the newest member on the team in a sport she’s never played?

Max always wanted to play the sport of Rugby, but fear grips her when she suddenly feels she’ll struggle to pick up the skills needed to do well.

But knots filled her stomach, and Max felt uneasy.

“Dad, what if I’m clumsy?” Max felt very queasy. 

“I might drop the ball or may mess up a tackle.

Will everyone point at me, holler, and cackle?”

Will Max be able to tackle, scrum, and kick as good as the other kids on the team? Will her coach, teammates, and family’s support be enough to help Max reach her full potential and succeed at this new and unfamiliar sport?

Then when Game Day arrived—Max began to prepare.

As she stared in the mirror, Mom braided her hair. 

But her heart began pounding; her nerves were intense.

All the pressure of winning felt truly immense. 

“You can do this,” Max softly proclaimed to herself.

She then grabbed her red cape and her mask from the shelf.

Quickly tying her cape, and then tucking it in,

she was ready to channel her strength from within.

Or will her fears get the best of her, causing Max to give up? Written in rhyme, this book will teach children the power of digging deep and finding the super in you to overcome fears and doubts.

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