I first picked up a softball when I was seven years old and never put it down. I fell in love with sports. In middle school it kept me busy. In high school it kept me out of trouble. I continued my passion to play into adulthood and try to stay active today. Softball, basketball, and Volleyball were my jams. I played year-round, but for some girls that spark fades.
I came across this article by Women’s Sports Foundation that stated, “By age 14, many girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys.” along with several factors that play into why girls don’t pursue sports after a certain age. As an author, I felt it was important to write a sports book with characters that represented all of us as some point in our lives.
And maybe, just maybe, a book about a girl learning Rugby and not giving up will spark a fire in another kid who will walk out their front door and onto a pitch, diamond, or court and be the athlete they were meant to be. To learn more about Super Max’s Ultimate Try, check this book out here
You can read more in the article Here 

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