I teach grown ups. Hospital staff to be exact. Virtually. Since the pandemic hit, our in person classes quickly transitioned to virtual classes.

It was rough. Getting WebEx training fired up, students connected, and making everything as a whole run smoothly proved to be a much larger mountain to climb than we anticipated.

One time, the drivers in my laptop disappeared. DISSAPPEARED!! I had to teach a six hour class with my laptop on the entertainment center in the living room, hooked directly to the internet cable.

This transition is rough for everyone. Kids that thrive in class with friends now have to learn in isolation, only left with digital high fives and “lol” as a form of communication. Friday can never come soon enough. The mental and physical exhaustion felt by those teaching and trying to absorb what’s being taught to them can really burn you out. For real.

So what do we do about it? I’m glad you asked!

http://weareteachers.com has some great tips for teachers, including this gem of an article on preventing teacher burnout.

(Cue resource): 15 Smart Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout That Really Work

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