As an author, I see ALOT of traffic come through for upcoming books and Kickstarter campaigns.
Here are two Kickstarter campaigns coming up within the next week that I think y’all should check out because they look so darn cute! If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowdfunding platform for creatives to help get their projects funded.
The cool thing about Kickstarter is, unlike something like GoFundMe where you just donate, with Kickstarter you get something in return! This can range from one book, to to, three, or more depending on different levels you pledge.
So instead of being a “donor”, you are called a “backer”, because you get something in return for your pledge.
BUT…there is also an option to pledge money without an award so you can go that route as well.
Who wouldn’t want to feel like an “investor”?
Check these campaigns out:
When the Sky Roars by Katie Weaver: A silly, rhyming children’s picture book about a boy who’s afraid of thunderstorms and his brave quest to find out why the sky ROARS!
I’m NOT Like Other Books by Meaghan Axel: A children’s book to lift everyone’s spirits through shared laughter

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