The first illustration for my next book, Super Max’s Hero Surprise has arrived from Zoe Mellors and I am LOVING it! Max is a military kiddo who stays brave while her dad is on deployment, and gets the biggest surprise when he has an early homecoming and pays Max a visit at school. This illustration is the part of the story when Max explains to her dad how she manifests Super Max from within.
“I wear it when I need to harness
strength from deep inside,
When I am Super Max,
my inner strength becomes my guide.”
This story pertains to a niche audience (military families) BUT it is also about staying strong through separation, and embracing moments of reconnection when we haven’t seen our loved ones in some time. Which has been a big theme in the last year for society in general. Therefore, it can pertain to ALL audiences.
My Kickstarter launches February 16th and I’m super excited to get this campaign going! Support for the campaign would mean everything, so if you’re interested in joining, or if you know someone who may be interested, here is the link.

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