There’s an emotional process that goes into putting a Kickstarter campaign. First, your excited about the idea of running one, so you start putting it together. Then, you’re quickly overwhelmed (no matter how many you do, you are still overwhelmed!) about getting a video together.

What is too much information or too little to add into the campaign?

Are these photos enough?

What sites should I add?

Is it too busy?

Is it not busy enough?

Do my pledges suck, or are there just enough?


UGH! The day before probably feels the worst. I have never been a Wall Street broker out on the floor ravaging against others for shares, but I’m pretty sure the ulcer inducing anxiety I feel the night before launch may be somewhere in that ballpark lol.

So here we are, launch day! It’s all or nothing. No turning back now. So I didn’t! I hit the ground running and posted all day, did a Facebook live, and by the end of day, Max’s funding goal was at 59%! Holy crap! I never imagined it would be that high after day one. But I”m glad it is. Now I have to raise $1300 more to reach my goal.

Can I do it? There’s only one way to find out.

Wish me luck!


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