Let's Talk About When it's "One Less". Back to School Edition

When my daughter Maddy graduated high school this past June, I had a set of emotions that mirrors trail mix. My feelings were very mixed with excitement for her, nervousness about her new path in this world, and sad that she was wrapping up what seemed like an incredibly quick K-12 career. 

So, summer came along and we enjoyed the time off for her and my son Deegan, per usual for summer months. But then the time came for school prep. Prepping for one less. One less interdistrict transfer, one less set of school supplies, one less stack of paperwork coming home for signatures. One less. 

I guess I should have some relief having to do one less of everything, right? So why do I feel like a piece is missing?     

Because it is. And it’s OK to recognize it. Every new year is a transition in its own right. The year you no longer need crayons, the year the binder only needs pens and pencils, and the year the backpack purchase is no longer needed.

So feel it, grieve it, and be OK with not being OK with it.