Max learns rugby...and scores big!

Max only has two more children’s books before she transitions up to middle grade novels when she starts school at Peripheral Academy.
I knew Max would have a mental health book, a military family book, a sports book, and a book about moving and leaving the special folks behind. With the first two topics complete (Anxiety and a military deployment), the next book in line is Max’s sports book.
Now, the Super Max series is based on my daughter Maddy. If you’re wondering whether Maddy played rugby…yes, she gave it a try. She didn’t like it so much, but she tried.
For those who know me well, you may also wonder why I’m not doing a book about softball given it was my number one sport growing up. I didn’t choose softball for a few reasons. 1) It’s already big in the U.S. and 2) as authors we like to shed light on subjects that maybe don’t get as much attention as they deserve, which is why I chose Max learning the sport of rugby. It’s an incredible sport that’s known worldwide but could use a ton more exposure here in the states.
I came across rugby in 2002 when my ex husband (boyfriend at the time) Sean introduced it to me. I was hooked. Aggressive, fast paced, intense…where has this sport been my whole life?!?! I would have definitely begged my mom to play this sport as a kid if I knew it existed lol. Mom, you know I would have asked 😉.
Super Max’s Ultimate Try takes readers on the adventure of taking on new interests and excelling at them through guidance and teamwork. We can’t always do everything alone and most of the time it takes a village, and Max’s village is her new friends and teammates!
I’m so pumped for this book to come out next year! Another Robyn/Mellors project heading your way!
If you’re interested in becoming a beta reader for this story, you can access the google form here