To celebrate LAUNCH DAY for Gilly, I want to share the process each illustration goes through in this (and every) book. 👻

Once @zoe.mellors.illustration receives my manuscript, we discuss items such as the general story, colors or clothing of the characters, and any Easter eggs that will hang out in the book. Hint: this book has an Easter egg from both Super Max and Dino Deegan 😉.

First, Zoe sends over a sketched version of the book. Tweaks are made (if needed) then confirmed.

Then we move to the second phase which is the color test. You’ll notice the page looks a little flat. This is because we are looking at color shades (brighter orange vs darker orange, etc.). Once it all looks good, it’s confirmed and ready for the last stage. 🧙🏻‍♀️

The final image stage is where all the goodies come in. Zoe adds dimension, shading, accents, everything! This is the 😍 phase because Zoe does such an awesome job! 🎃

If you’re interested in taking a peek at the beautiful illustrations and story about a ghost who learns some boundaries, and his friends to help him keep this boundaries, it’s now live on Amazon on Kindle, softcover, and hardcover.

Find the new Gilly Ghost Loves Scaring the Most book Here